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Quality Statement


Your image taker

Your image was taken by a professional photographer who lives and works in the remote communities in Scotland.

Almost all the images were taken using medium format transparencies (6cm x 4.5cm or larger) and were then digitised using specialised scanning equipment.

Your print

These images were printed using a photographic printer on Kodak photographic paper. The printer is a very specialised piece of equipment which uses technology developed in the United States and implemented by the Noritsu corporation of Japan. (In technical terms a High resolution laser printer)

The end result is a print of the very highest quality which we are sure you will be proud to own and display.


We have an absolutely no quibble guarantee. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your print we will immediately rectify the problem by crediting your credit card account with the full original charge or replacing a print which has any damage.

Card and personal details security

The form which takes your Credit card and contact details is on a secure server and is sent as a 1024 bit encrypted email. The system ensures that the transaction is routed directly to the Photolab manager as an encrypted message and details are never exposed in unencrypted form on the web.

WHB Sutherland Ltd. is a family owned company based in the Orkney Islands in Scotland. The company was established in 1959 as a Pharmacy business but has since, 1984, been at the cutting edge of  development in the photo-laboratory world.

We have since 1990 used The Royal Bank of Scotland for our Credit Card transactions and now have 7 terminals in our 7 Retail pharmacies and photolabs.

Your personal contact details will not be recorded for any use other than to contact you with regard to your transaction or to inform you of  changes on our website.  The details will not be ‘sold’ to any outside person or company.


Credit card details are not held on any computer or server after the initial encrypted transaction.

Contact details

Company name :-  W.H.B. Sutherland Ltd.

                                31 Victoria Street




                                UK    KW15 1DN

Open from 9am to 5.30pm (British time) Monday to Saturday

Telephone Photolab direct :- from UK 01856 876399 or 01856 87 3240 (main office number)

                From Europe 0044 1856 876399 and USA 011 44 1856 876399

Fax :- +44 1856 872141

Email photolab@orkney.com

Manager contact sutherlands@orkney.com

Company reg. no 33752 (Scotland)

VAT reg. no 265 3060 73


Taxes and Dispatch details

Your print and other costs are inclusive of United Kingdom Value added tax at 17.5%. Within Europe no further taxes should be charged. For dispatch to other parts of the world including the USA and Canada tax should normally not be payable on an item of low value which has no intrinsic value for resale. W.H.B. Sutherland can not guarantee that your customs service  will not attempt to charge you a sales tax or import duty.

The People involved

Torquil Clyde is the Managing Director of W.H.B. Sutherland Ltd. and has overall responsibility for the implementation, dispatch and finance aspects of your image.

Martin Findlay is the Photographic manager responsible for the day to day running of the lab and mail order business

Contact details as above.

The Photographers

We have formed a co-operative agreement between W.H.B. Sutherland and the respective photographers with each of us specialising in printing and picture taking respectively. If you require a print of any other subject or image that is not on our website we would welcome requests which can be processed in co-operation with the photographers.

a) Charles Tait                Charles is a born and bred Orcadian. He studied genetics and biochemistry at university but soon dedicated himself to photography. Charles spends significant amounts of time out of his home county of Orkney in Shetland, Caithness and the western isles but also travels far and wide in search of photographic subjects.

See www.charles-tait.co.uk for comprehensive photolibrary

b) Richard Welsby Richard lives in Orkney’s second town of Stromness.

c) Doug Houghton See  www.orkney.com/slidelibrary/index.htm


d) Scott Johnston


e) John Findlay - John Findlay is an Orcadian. A Chartered Surveyor by profession and employed by the local authority; his work involved travelling throughout Orkney. As a result of this his early interest in general photography has developed into a passion for landscape imagery, filming solely in colour in the 35mm format. Over a period of time he has concentrated on the island of Hoy and has produced a diverse range of photographic images featuring the landscape, the seascape and the flora of the island.